What Are Some Examples of Constitutions?


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Examples of constitutions include the U.S. Constitution and the Soviet Constitution, according to the Free Dictionary. Constitutions outline the type of government and principles of a nation.

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What Are Some Examples of Constitutions?
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The Free Dictionary further notes that the Soviet Constitution is also known as the 1936 Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It was also called the "Stalin Constitution." The Soviet Constitution outlined such provisions as free speech, assembly and press. The Stalin Constitution also included economic rights.

The Free Dictionary adds that each U.S. state must submit to the U.S. Constitution. The individual states are allowed to grant additional freedoms but cannot strip away any rights guaranteed by the national constitution. Wikipedia mentions that the U.S. Constitution separates the government into three branches: executive, judicial and legislative. The Constitution was passed in 1789, but the Bill of Rights was later added in 1791.

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