What Are Some Examples of Common Traffic Violation Codes?


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Examples of common traffic violation codes include illegal passing, tailgating, going over the speed limit, crossing a divided highway and speeding in a construction zone, DMV.org notes. The most common traffic codes that people violate regarding signage include stops signs, no u-turn signs and no right or left turn traffic signs. Most states post their traffic violation codes online, and people can search for each code and the associated penalty for violating the law.

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There are a few traffic violation codes that people commonly violate, such as speeding, running red lights and following too closely, the Lawyer Shop explains. Many people deliberately speed, but some don't realize they are committing an offense, usually because they are not thinking about their speed or don't know the speed limit. Speeding almost triples a driver's chances of being involved in a car accident, according to a study the American Automobile Association conducted.

Another common violation of traffic codes is driving while under the influence, the Lawyer Shop notes. The use of drugs or alcohol affects a driver's ability to process information, impacts his hand-to-eye coordination and severely impairs his ability to drive. When someone drives under the influence, his chances of being involved in a car accident greatly increase.

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