What Are Some Examples of Blue Collar Crime?

Some examples of blue collar crime in society are the actions of the mob and prostitution. The definition of blue collar crime is when a person of a lower class causes injury to a person or property. It´s opposite is white collar crime, when a nonviolent crime is committed primarily for financial gain.

The term "blue collar crime" was created during a time that it referred to the working or lower class of citizens committing aggressive and damaging crimes against society at large. It generally refers to crimes motivated by passion as opposed to those that were carefully thought out.

In the legal system, the term encompasses violent crimes against a person and theft and damage to property. In society, it is easy to detect than other forms of crime as its apparent and often violent nature is displayed on the news at the end of each day.

As opposed to white collar criminals, blue collar offenders tend to face stiffer penalties. The nature of their crimes and their social economic backgrounds make it harder to benefit from expert legal consul. As a result, more blue collar offenders see prison time and find little opportunity past a life of crime when released.