What is an example of an ideological party?


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There are many examples of ideological parties, but one of the most well known parties of the 20th century is the Nazi Party. Formed by a group of unemployed soldiers in 1919, the Nazi Party would go on to rule Germany and change the face of history forever.

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What is an example of an ideological party?
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Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party believed in a specific set of principles, doctrines and ideals. Like any other political party, the Nazi Party was made up of two dimensions, which consisted of how society should be organized, and what the most appropriate methods were for achieving the parties short and long term goals. In the case of the Nazis, the preferred goal was to dominate the entire world with a race of pure Aryan people, and to convert or eliminate any opposition that did not adhere to the standards and belief system set by Nazi Germany.

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