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EUC is an acronym for Emergency Unemployment Compensation, a government program that extends the number of weeks that a person can claim and receive unemployment benefits. EUC is typically available only after normal unemployment compensation has been exhausted, during times of excessive national or regional unemployment.

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Although EUC is a federal program, it is administered by individual states to residents who have been employed within the state for a considerable amount of time. The amount available and the eligibility requirements depend on the previous salary level and the length of previous employment. Though laws regarding EUC change periodically, the benefits are typically awarded by groups or tiers that are tied to the rates of unemployment within each state. For example, the EUC tiers in 2013 allowed 14 weeks in Tier 1 for all states, but Tiers 2, 3 and 4 extended the weeks based on unemployment rates ranging from 6 to 9 percent or higher.

EUC benefits are approved, extended and renewed by Congress. As of 2014, standard unemployment benefits run for 26 weeks after the worker is laid off or becomes unemployed for allowable reasons. Other criteria must also be met for both standard and extended unemployment benefits, according to individual state laws.

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