What Is Estate Management?

Estate management is a career that involves managing one or more household estates for a private owner. An estate manager is commonly hired to oversee the smooth management of a large home, according to Town + Country Resources. The estate manager performs numerous duties that include hiring and firing household staff and organizing activities.

Professional estate management is a career choice that requires a lot of discretion. It is not uncommon for the principal family employer to require managers to sign non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, to protect family privacy, notes Forbes. Employers of estate managers include famous entertainment and sports celebrities. Additional estate management duties, according to Town + Country Resources, include accounting, developing household manuals, staff training, managing the calendar and arranging security.

Estate management is a career that involves juggling multiple responsibilities. At any given time these managers are handling small and large tasks, states Forbes. For instance, a manager may be attending to a small dog one moment and booking trips overseas the next. Employers count on their managers to anticipate their needs and solve problems when they arise. This requires a person who thinks quickly and has a thick skin. The Domestic Estate Managers Association has chapters around the country offering support to its members, notes Forbes.