What Is the EPSQ (Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire)?

The EPSQ, or Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire, is a questionnaire that collects and reports information to the United States military in order to provide a person with security clearance. The questionnaire helps to speed up the data collection process as well as to quickly verify each statement a person makes.

The primary goal of the Defense Security Service's questionnaire is to gather accurate information the first time so that personnel do not need to submit additional information and do not encounter multiple rejections for security clearance. The verification and validation features within the EPSQ show personnel when the data is mandatory and what the proper format is for submitting the data.

The EPSQ is automated and set up in a standard data entry format for personnel. The data entered into the EPSQ is used on several other questionnaires as well, including the Questionnaire for National Security Positions (SF86), the Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions (SF85P) and the Supplemental Questionnaire for Selected Positions (SF85P-S). The EPSQ system will first verify the information entered and then print copies of the forms for personnel to send in. It will also export files for a security officer. Before the EPSQ system was implemented, it often took much longer to process security clearance requests for various departments.