Who Is Entitled to Receive a Housing Benefit?


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A low-income person renting an apartment or property in the United Kingdom may be eligible for housing benefits, according to YouthNet UK's The Site. Claims can be made through several organizations, including Jobseeker's Allowance, Income Support or Employment and Support Allowance.

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A housing benefit is for people on low income, although it can't apply to mortgages or home loans and can only apply to rent payments, explains Citizens Advice Bureau on its AdviceGuide website. A person sharing a room in a house or a flat can apply for housing benefits because he's paying a form of rent. If a couple is renting a room or apartment, only one of them may apply for housing benefits, and a single person can apply only if he is solely responsible for paying rent. The housing benefit must be applied to the residence he rents and cannot be transferred to another accommodation.

The UK requires residency in order to apply for housing benefits and immigrants may have trouble with eligibility, depending on their immigration status, according to Citizens Advice Bureau. Renters who rent from a relative may be eligible, but applications may be denied if the authority determines that the living arrangement has been made purely to receive housing benefits.

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