What is ensuring domestic tranquility?


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Ensuring domestic tranquility involves keeping the peace within the nation. It means preventing domestic terrorism at the hands of citizens and outsiders and controlling rebellious behavior that threatens to undermine national security.

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What is ensuring domestic tranquility?
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In 1786 in western Massachusetts, an uprising occurred in protest of the chaotic state in which the colonists found themselves under the Articles of Confederation. It was known as Shays' Rebellion, and it was an example of the kind of unrest the framers of the Constitution hoped to quell. The preamble to the Constitution set forth several objectives the writers felt important to a successful nation, one of which was "to ensure domestic tranquility." They knew that no nation long survived chronic civil unrest. Peace at home was paramount to building a strong and united nation. The aim of the Constitution was to establish a government that had the strength to provide safety and security without becoming tyrannical. The constant bickering between states had proved poisonous to the peace, so the framers wanted to give the central government the authority to stop many of the disputes. Even today when states rights are not as big of an issue as they once were, domestic tranquility continues to be necessary for preserving the nation.

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