How Do You Ensure Divorce Mediation Goes Smoothly?


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One can avoid conflict in a divorce mediation process by ensuring that both parties involved are sincere in the desire to mediate, and willing to compromise and negotiate, advises Nolo. A successful mediation results when both parties commit to the process and neither party has a hidden agenda.

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A willingness to listen and understand a spouse's point of view creates a successful mediation, according to Nolo. Each party must realize what is important to the other and be willing to take the interests of both into account. The mediation process relies on determining what is best for each spouse, and mediators help people find common ground so they can create an equitable solution. Mediation typically begins with the simplest issues and uses the trust this generates to encourage compromise when it is time to discuss things such as the sale of a house or child custody. A smooth mediation relies on a qualified mediator who can help people communicate and create successful options.

Divorce mediation is a highly beneficial process for many couples but for some it doesn't go smoothly, says Nolo. People who have experienced domestic abuse should carefully consider entering into mediation. Some find it an empowering process, but for others it is a repetition of the dynamics of the relationship. People who want to delay the divorce for any reason sometimes use mediation to stall.

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