How Do You Enroll in West Point Military Academy?


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Admission to the United States Military Academy, popularly known as West Point, is similar to admission to any selective college or university, though there are additional steps that stem from its high level of exclusivity and the nature of its instruction. Most notably, prospective students must be nominated by a congressperson, senator or the vice president in order to be considered for admission.

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Even with the tightened applicant pool provided by the Congressional nominating process, West Point's acceptance rate is only 9 percent. In addition to high SAT scores and GPAs, as well as a strong record of extracurricular activities and community service, West Point cadets are expected to demonstrate outstanding physical fitness through participation in team and individual sports as well as individual exercise. There is a stringent physical fitness test for entry to West Point. Additionally, applicants should not be pregnant or have child dependents.

West Point also has much more stringent medical requirements than most colleges. In addition to physical fitness, candidates should demonstrate excellent physical and mental health. Further, they should not have tattoos or brands on the head, face, neck or anywhere else on the body deemed "prejudicial to discipline," which can result in disqualification.

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