How Do You Enlist in the Military?

How Do You Enlist in the Military?

To enlist in the military, speak to a military recruiter, make a commitment to serve, and set a date to complete the enlistment process by finishing the Military Entrance Processing Station. The first step of the MEPS involves taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery exam, followed by a physical exam, choosing a career with help from a guidance counselor, and taking the oath of allegiance.

Depending on the terms of enlistment, the next step is either Basic Training or participation in the Delayed Entry Program.

The ASVAB test takes approximately three hours to complete and has a series of multiple-choice questions pertaining to traditional school subjects, such as English, math and science. Each branch of the service correlates the score with a career path.

After completing the ASVAB, you must pass a physical exam. Similar to those at a doctor's office, it tests a person's hearing and vision, height and weight, blood and urine, and looks for drug or alcohol use. Examiners look at muscles and joints, test for pregnancy in women, and assess the body mass index for applicants who are overweight.

Once the physical is complete, meet with a service enlistment counselor to determine an appropriate career. Considerations include the needs of the service, ASVAB score, job availability and physical limitations.