What Are Some Employee Rights in California?


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One employee right in California is that the state does not allow employers to require drug testing unless there is sufficient reason to do so, according to the State Bar of California. Sometimes this is a safety issue, such as with bus drivers. In other cases, employers must demonstrate reasonable suspicion that employees are using drugs. However, the state permits employers to require drug testing of job applicants.

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California law generally lets employers discipline or fire workers without stating the reason, explains the State Bar of California. However, employers must not discriminate based on personal factors, including race, sex, religion, medical condition and gender identity. Employees should not lose their jobs for reporting employers' illegal activities or safety violations to authorities. In addition, some job contracts state the employers must have just cause to terminate workers.

California requires that all employees earn at least the state minimum wage, the State Bar of California reports. Generally, workers paid by commission or piece must receive equivalent wages. Overtime pay is required when an employee works more than eight hours in one day or 40 hours in one week, unless the worker is exempt. For every four hours worked, most employees must have a paid 10-minute break. Every five hours they receive an unpaid 30-minute break.

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