Who Is Eligible to Receive the Post Office Retirement Benefits?


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Any person employed by the United States Post Office in any capacity, including mail carriers, customer service representatives and shipping and sorting agents, is eligible for that department's retirement benefits, as of February 2015. The department also offers retirement counseling to ensure that all employee needs are met.

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Anyone who works for the United States Postal Service qualifies for a set of general retirement benefits as a government employee, as well as specific benefits unique to postal employees. While the specific benefits provided are subject to change, most packages consist of regular payments from a retirement plan or pension. The type of retirement payments depends on the option elected by the retiree at the time of initial employment. These benefits cannot be changed once the employee enters into retirement.

Retirement counseling services are also part of the benefits available to ensure that each employee entering into retirement understands all the benefits and options available to her. This counseling includes a review of all necessary forms and paperwork to claim any financial or medial benefits. Counselors also aid the retiree in applying for other related services, such as Social Security benefits or government aid programs for health care, along with understanding her new tax situation.

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