What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Welfare in New Jersey?

The general requirements for welfare assistance in New Jersey include legal state residency and total bank account balance that is less than $2,001 dollars. Households that include a member with a disability or a person aged 60 or above may have a total bank balance of $3,001.

The County Welfare Agency determines the specific eligibility requirements for welfare assistance in New Jersey. Household income, size and emergency needs influence welfare eligibility. When individuals submit an application, a case worker evaluates whether or not the household qualifies for cash assistance or matches the requirements for other welfare programs.

For cash assistance, households that add another child within 10 months of receiving cash assistance are not eligible for an increase in assistance. Additionally, parents who are under 18 years of age must live with a parent or an adult relative. Teen parents who did not complete their high school education must attend a program that leads to receipt of a General Equivalency Diploma or another comparable education program.

Individuals can estimate eligibility for food stamp benefits by downloading the New Jersey SNAP Screening Tool. The tool uses basic information to calculate the likelihood that a household qualifies for food assistance and provides an estimated benefit amount.