What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Missouri Medicaid?

Medicaid is a federal program that determines individuals' eligibility for services based on income as a percentage of the federal poverty level. The eligible income levels vary from state to state and change over time. The Missouri Department of Social Services can provide eligibility information regarding Medicaid in Missouri.

Medicaid.gov provides detailed charts showing the income guideline for Medicaid eligibility in all states. Medicaid has different income requirements depending on the age of the person applying and the household size. Medicaid.gov lists income eligibility guidelines for children, pregnant women and parents in Missouri, but other adults have different eligibility requirements determined by the state.

The state of Missouri runs a health care program called MO HealthNet that is funded in part by Medicaid. This program has different eligibility requirements than Medicaid, but provides Medicaid services to some applicants. DSS.MO.gov provides information about MO HealthNet and how to apply. Staff from Missouri's Department of Social Services help individuals and families determine their eligibility for Medicaid or MO HealthNet and provide referrals to other related social services for low income people and people with disabilities. Because information published online about Medicaid and MO HealthNet eligibility is time sensitive and may change, contacting the Missouri Department of Social Services is the most reliable way to determine eligibility for government supplemented health care services.