How Do You Find the Elevation of a House?


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To find the elevation of a specific location, visit VeloRoutes.org or WhatIsMyElevation.com. Though both websites offer a platform that allows users to find an elevation level according to a particular address, VeloRoutes.org provides specific elevation levels, while WhatIsMyLocation.com gives an estimated elevation level.

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VeloRoutes.org has geo-analysis tools that are used by cyclists, runners, walkers and hikers. To use the elevation tool, select the Elevation link in the left menu. Popular cities are listed on the left, so visitors can click a city for quick results. However, a top search bar is available if you wish to inquire about specific addresses or a particular city. Results are provided in terms of feet, but the unit of measurement is changeable. Additionally, the website shows the latitude and longitude of the location.

WhatIsMyElevation.com simplifies the task by providing a search form on the home page. To use the form, enter an address, and hit Enter. The website gives an average elevation level in feet, but you can change the unit of measurement to meters. Though the website is not as reliable as VeloRoutes.org, a general elevation reading allows an overall estimate of the surrounding areas. For new inquiries, select the Change Location button.

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