What Are Some Elements of the Infantryman's Creed?


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Some elements of the Infantryman's Creed are that a person in the infantry is his country's strength for defense and a critical deterrent of war during times of peace. An additional element in the Infantryman's Creed is the soldier's determination to honor his country with his brave and swift service.

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In the Infantryman's Creed, the soldier states that he fights on to meet his objectives and honor his country's trust. In the creed, the soldier states that he fights to the death if he needs to in order to overcome his foe. The soldier states that he is determined to win, even if that means fighting to the death.

The Infantryman's Creed focuses on the soldier's courage. He expresses pride that his bravery and the bravery of his fellow soldiers led to 200 years of ongoing freedom. He calls himself relentless in his pursuit of freedom and says that he is always present to defend freedom, both now and in the future. The soldier says that he never gives in, even when odds seem against him.

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