How Do You View Election Results Online?


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Final election results for federal government positions in the United States can be viewed on the Federal Election Commission's official website at FEC.gov. Many major media outlets, such as USA Today and CNN, have areas on their websites dedicated to election results and update them in real time as the vote tallies are reported.

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The FEC's results cover every presidential and mid-term election in the United States since 1982. The results show both the general election vote tallies and the outcome of the primaries for each party.

Most major media outlets cover all races for the U.S. Senate, House and presidency as well as state elections for governor. They also tend to cover the most high-profile ballot initiatives that are voted on at the state and local levels. USA Today and CNN, for example, have separate tabs for each of these types of races.

Ballotpedia is another online option for viewing election results and covers the same national elections, gubernatorial races and ballot initiatives as the major media outlets. Additionally, Ballotpedia displays the results of all ballot initiatives, regardless of their national profile, and all state and local elections. The website's coverage includes the results of the lower profile local elections rarely covered by national media, such as school board elections and judicial races.

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