What Is an Election Commission of India Identity Card?


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An Election Commission of India identity card is a photo identification card that the Election Commission of India issues to all eligible, registered voters in India. Each card has a distinct personal identification number and carries personal details about the owner.

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The official name of the card is the Electors Photo Identity Card, or EPIC. The Election Commission of India began issuing the cards via its EPIC Program in 1993 to prevent electoral fraud and improve the accuracy of the electoral rolls. The card is also essential when an Indian citizen wishes to register to vote after moving to a new location.

In addition to its role as a voter identification card, the EPIC is also general proof of identity, residency and address and is a form of identification sufficient for opening a bank account, making online reservations for travel or accommodations, and getting a new gas connection as of 2015.

Mortgage companies, insurance companies and government agencies typically request a voter identification number of someone during his application process for a mortgage, a personal loan or an insurance claim.

Citizens who are at least 18 years of age may apply for an EPIC online or in person during specified periods called drives. The Election Commission of India typically advertises drives in local newspapers, and local Electoral Registration Officers mail drive notices as drives begin. Upon receiving the ERO notice, prospective applicants visit a Designated Photographic Location to initiate the identification process.

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