What Are Some Effects of California's Proposition 2 From 2008?


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Some of the effects of California's Proposition 2, "Standards for Confining Farm Animals," from 2008 have been the rise of egg prices in California, the retrofitting of egg farms and the passing of an accompanying bill in 2010, says the Brown Political Review. This second bill has had further repercussions.

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Proposition 2 changed the regulations of the space allotted in cages to egg-laying hens in California's egg farms from about 67 square inches before to law went into effect on Jan. 1, 2015, to 116 square inches, reports the Brown Political Review. To ensure that California's egg producers were not put at a tremendous economic disadvantage because of these new regulations, the California legislature passed a bill, A.B. 1437, in 2010 requiring that all eggs sold in California had to meet the new regulations, regardless of where they were laid. Because of the large size of the California market, these new laws have had a national effect, forcing even non-Californian egg producers to either retrofit their egg farms or lose the sizable market.

As for California egg producers, those who could afford it have revamped their facilities, while others have simply cut down the numbers of their flocks, says the Brown Political Review. Economically, the result has been the rise in the price of a dozen eggs by $2.00 and more in some areas of California, as of 2015.

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