What Are Some Effective Ways to Compare Presidential Candidates?


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An effective way to compare presidential candidates is to consider their individual position on various issues, including taxes, immigration, health care, foreign policy and the economy. Voters should also consider the candidates temperament, political skills and management skills.

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Important issues that voters care about include the budget, national debt, civil liberties, the environment and education. Other voters also care about immigration, moral issues and the second amendment. The voter should listen to each presidential candidate's position on these issues and choose the candidate who shares his views.

After short-listing candidates based on their views, voters should compare the candidates based on their management ability. The presidential candidate's management ability determines whether he can follow through on his promise to implement various policies. His management skills also determine if he can choose a great team, if he is flexible enough to tweak his decisions when real-world events disrupt his plans, if he can learn from mistakes, and if he can sift through various difficult ideas and choose a good one.

Political skills help candidates read the political climate, win the trust of their voters and cut deals with political enemies. A candidate's temperament determines how he handles crisis and how he works under pressure. It also determines how the candidate deals with the unpredictability and uncertainty of the presidential office.

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