What Are Some Effective Political Campaign Slogans?


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WinYourCampaign.com provides a list of effective election slogans on its website, such as, "Save our schools," for school board elections and general slogans such as, "Citizen not politician." The site organizes these based on themes such as change, leadership, trust, experience and community-focus.

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OnlineCandidate.com also provides slogan recommendations, such as, "The choice is clear" and "Leadership for (location)." The site recommends that candidates choose slogans based on core values and issues to help communicate information. OnlineCandidate.com also encourages short slogans, typically three or four words, as well as active rather than passive phrasing. In addition, the site provides a list of popular past U.S. presidential campaign slogans, including those from Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Bloomberg.com also provides a list of some of history's best and worst presidential campaign slogans. Campaigns fail when choosing slogans that draw attention to other candidates, are vulnerable to easy parodies, are mundane or leave voters confused about what the candidate is referencing, states Bloomberg.

A list of some of the most famous historical slogans is available at Ranker.com. These range from Barack Obama's "Yes we can" slogan to "All power to the Soviets," a Bolshevik expression from the eve of Russia's October revolution. Others include, "54-40 or fight," an election platform used by James Polk in reference to U.S. desire to annex Canada's Oregon Territory in 1844, and, "Go for growth," Australian Liberal Party leader John Howard's campaign rallying cry in 2007.

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