What Is the Easiest Country to Immigrate To?

The easiest country to immigrate to is Canada. Due to an extreme skilled-labor shortage in the 1970s, Canada adopted one of the most lenient immigration policies in the world.

Potential immigrants are graded by Canadian immigration for eligibility to immigrate on a 100-point scale. If an immigrant scores 67 points or higher, the person is allowed to enter Canada as a federal skilled worker. Points are based off of six selection factors: English and/or French skills, arranged employment in Canada, education, experience, age and adaptability.

Many immigrants come to work, study and live in Canada for its ample space, great social services and higher standard of living. Skilled immigrants obtaining employment are granted permanent residence and are not forced to leave even if their employers go out of business. Immigrants also eligible for permanent residence visas are investors with the funds to invest in Canadian start-ups, venture firms and investment groups. Canada's foreign-born residents comprise about one-fourth of the population. Sponsorship programs allow residents to sponsor family members and refugees.

The largest number of people immigrating to Canada are from China, India, the Philippines and Italy. Canada has the highest number of Chinese immigrants of any other country in the world except for Hong Kong.