How Do You Earn an ASU Combat Badge?

How Do You Earn an ASU Combat Badge?

Earn a U.S. Army Service Uniform Combat Action Badge by actively engaging the enemy while performing satisfactorily within the rules of engagement. Your commanding officer awards this badge in wartime, provided you do not qualify for a Combat Infantry Badge or Combat Medical Badge.

  1. Join the U.S. Army

    Become eligible for the Combat Action Badge by passing the U.S. Army's basic training course. Perform assigned duties in a hostile area where fire pay or imminent danger pay is authorized.

  2. Come under enemy fire

    Perform well in a combat scenario while under enemy fire, and your commanding officer may recommend you for the Combat Action Badge. This badge is not designed to be awarded to every soldier who serves in a combat zone or in an imminent danger area.

  3. Personally engage the enemy

    You must personally engage the enemy in combat to earn the award. A combat kill is not necessary, and training exercises in enemy territory do not count.

  4. Wear the badge proudly on your ASU

    Wear your badge proudly on the Army Service Uniform above the left breast pocket. Approval of the award comes from your commanding officer or from the U.S. Army Human Resources Command. The Combat Action Badge goes on your permanent record. You can earn one badge per qualifying period for up to three awards total indicated by two extra stars on the original badge.