What Are Some of the Duties of a Georgia Congressman?


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The duties of a Georgia congressman are similar to the duties of congressmen from other states and include introducing bills and resolutions, offering amendments and serving on various committees. Congressmen serve in one of the two branches in Congress, either the House of Representatives or the Senate.

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A representative works on Capitol Hill or in his respective district. Typical duties in a day include attending topical briefings and hearings, voting on bills and speaking with his constituents. They also engage in public relation tasks that include reviewing mail, reading press clips, granting interviews and participating in reports. A representative likely engages in several social events to promote himself and his party. These can include receptions and fundraisers.

There are 20 different committees a representative can serve on. A few examples of committees include those on budget, commerce, education, and ways and means. Representatives assume leadership positions that include speaker, majority and minority leaders, whips and party caucus members. Duties of each individual leader include representing the respective party on the floor, discussing issues of importance to the party and the constituents from the district he represents. A number of commissions are also formed, and these can be temporary or permanent.

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