What are some duties of the California Secretary of State?


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The California secretary of state administers the Elections Code, with duties that include printing state ballot pamphlets; certifying and publishing election results; checking signatures on initiatives, referendums and recalls; and filing campaign disclosures and lobbyist financial reports, according to the League of Women Voters of California. Duties also include managing state archives and registrations.

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Elected at the same time as the governor for a four-year term, the secretary of state of California is third in line to take the office of governor and is the chief election officer of the state, explains the League of Women Voters. The secretary of state must include the following when preparing the election ballot: a full copy of the text of the measures as submitted to the voters, the attorney general's summary, an analysis of the measure from the legislative analyst, arguments for and against the measure, and the vote count from the legislature, according to Ballotpedia.

The secretary of state keeps records of official acts of the legislative and executive departments and archives important documents such as the state's constitution, acts and resolutions as passed by the legislature; the state's seal; journals of each house; and all books, records, parchments, maps, deeds and papers. It is also the secretary of state's duty to register businesses within the state and maintain their filings; commission notary publics; serve as trustee of the California Museum for History, Women & the Arts; maintain the Domestic Partners and Advance Healthcare Directive Registries; and operate the Safe at Home Confidential Address program, reports Ballotpedia.

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