What Are the Duties of the Arizona Attorney General?


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As the chief legal officer of the state, the Arizona attorney general must represent and provide legal advice to various state agencies. The Arizona attorney general brings and defends lawsuits on behalf of the state while also handling appeals of felony convictions within the state.

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Along with representing various state agencies, the Arizona attorney general also represents many local government agencies, such as school districts or municipalities, but only in disputes that relate to conflicts of interest and antitrust or price-fixing activities. The Arizona attorney general must also enforce consumer protection and civil rights laws and prosecute criminals charged with advanced financial crimes and various conspiracies involving illegal drugs.

The Arizona's attorney general's office, which is the largest law office in the state, is split into various branches that all have different duties, including civil office, finance office, child and family protection, civil rights office and criminal office. The attorney general is an elected position; however, the governor of Arizona can fill a vacancy in the office by appointment. Compensation for the attorney general is determined by a five-member committee known as the Arizona Commission on Salaries for Elective State Officers. The current Arizona attorney general is Republican Mark Brnovich, as of 2015.

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