During What Period of Time After Marriage Can You Get an Annulment?


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Annulment laws differ from state to state and the time allotted to request an annulment depends upon the reason it is requested, explains LegalZoom. Depending upon the circumstances, the time to file for annulment ranges from months to a lifetime.

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The statute of limitations differs from state to state and upon the reason, notes LegalZoom. It can begin at the time of marriage or from the time the reason was discovered. For example, in Colorado, the statute of limitations for an annulment is six months from the marriage date in the case of fraud, but a year if a party is impotent.

Factors in granting an annulment include: if, at the time of marriage, the party requesting annulment was underage; if either party was still legally married to another; if either party was deemed incompetent; if the consent of either party was obtained by fraud or by force; or if the marriage has not been consummated, notes the Ohio Bar Association.

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