How Does a DUI Affect Employment?


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A driving under the influence, or DUI, conviction can make it difficult or more expensive to get to work, may lead to suspension of a professional license, can cause missed work for mandatory court appearances and treatment, and may make an applicant seem less appealing for a job. In the case of a DUI defendant with a commercial driving license, or CDL, a DUI may cause a revocation of the CDL and loss of employment.

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In addition to suspending the license of those who are convicted of DUI, thus making it harder to get to a job, many insurance companies also refuse to insure a driver with a DUI conviction or will only write a policy at an exorbitant price, assuming the driver is able to keep his license. This adds to the expense of getting to work, or may make getting to work via bus or other public transportation complicated.

Some professional licenses may be revoked if a licensee is convicted of DUI. Lawyers, doctors, nurses and others may find themselves without the ability to work, depending on the state and the profession, when a professional license is revoked.

In some states, conviction of a crime is grounds for termination. In those states, a plea of guilty or finding of guilty may put an end to the relationship between a boss and employee.

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