What Is a DSS Apartment?


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A DSS apartment is an outdated term for a building that allows tenants to use housing benefits given to them by the government or local authority in order to pay rent. Many realtors still use this term in their postings.

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The United States does not provide housing assistance through the Department of Social Services as of 2015. The United States provides housing assistance through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The United Kingdom provides housing benefits through the Department of Work and Pensions, formally known as the Department of Social Services. In the United States, these benefits are known as Section 8 for rental properties, PHA for public housing, and FHA for home buying. In the UK, all such benefits are known as housing benefits.

With welfare being a controversial issue in many countries, the term "DSS apartment" has now become slightly derogatory and is used to refer to tenants who are on government benefits and are otherwise without substantial income. Both the US and the UK require formal applications and proof of eligibility when claimants request benefits. Government websites list how to apply for assistance as well as offering a log in for current recipients to view their application statuses, benefits available and how to get further assistance if needed.

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