What Is a DS-230 Immigration Form?

The DS-230 immigration form is an immigrant visa application filed by those aspiring to immigrate to the United States. The two parts of this form contain questions about the applicant's biographical details. This form is filed after filing paperwork for the specific visa category.

This form is also called the Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration. An applicant becomes eligible to file a DS-230 form after they receive an I-797 Notice of Action.

Part I of the DS-230 application asks for information that includes the applicant's name, the address in the U.S. where they intend to live, their current address, their current occupation and the names of their family members. Other details asked for include all countries and cities where the applicant lived after the age of 16, all jobs held for the last 10 years, all educational institutions attended, any history of military service, details of previous U.S. visits and the visa status held for those visits. Documents to be attached include passport-size photographs and certified copies of birth and marriage certificates.

Part II of the form is a sworn statement given by the primary applicant. While only one Part I form is needed, each dependent child or family member needs a separate Part II form. This form is signed during the visa interview, as directed by the Consular Officer. By signing this form the applicant declares that they are not a drug addict, criminal or terrorist; complies with U.S. health regulations; is eligible for citizenship; and does not intend to break U.S. laws.