What Is Dragon Skin Armor?


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Dragon Skin armor is body armor developed for U.S. soldiers by Pinnacle Armor to increase battlefield protection from bullets and explosive devices. The Dragon Skin is a ballistic vest that is made to be extremely strong and can help a soldier withstand direct explosions as well as reduce damage from bullets and shrapnel. Some tests have indicated that the Dragon Skin can survive 40 rounds shot from close range.

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The Dragon Skin is designed with a combination of silicon-carbide ceramic discs and interlocking laminates that resembles chain-mail armor. This design also helps widen an explosive blast and kinetic energy over a larger surface area which blunts the impact of a direct hit.

Despite being designed for use by U.S. soldiers, as of 2014, Dragon Skin has not been adopted widely. The Dragon Skin body armor has seen limited usage with some SWAT teams as well as Secret Service agents domestically. In the regions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the armor has been observed being used by CIA operatives as well as U.S. special forces. The Dragon Skin has also been featured on popular media with appearances in a 2007 NBC News comparison piece and on the military show Mail Call on the History Channel.

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