What Is a Drager Car Breathalyzer Interlock Device?


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A Drager car breathalyzer interlock device is a breathalyzer that is designed to prevent one from driving under the influence of alcohol. The device does not allow the owner's car to start if his blood alcohol content is above the legal limit, according to Drager's product website.

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As stated on its website, Drager interlock devices have the ability to differentiate between breath-alcohol and mouth-alcohol, meaning it can tell the difference between the alcohol found in mouth wash and the alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. Also, as seen on its website, Drager has released a breathalyzer interlock device that has an intelligent built-in camera that can further detect any indication of driving under the influence, called the Drager Interlock 7000.

According to the Police Law Enforcement Magazine's website, the Drager Interlock 7000 has incorporated advanced technological advances to alert monitoring authorities of any attempt made to operate the owner's vehicle under the influence. With the built-in camera, monitoring agencies can see if the driver is, for example, having someone else blow into the device so that the car can start up, or if the driver decides to drink in the vehicle after starting the car, as described by the Police Law Enforcement Magazine. This functionality makes it an effective device for both the owner and monitoring agencies.

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