How Do You Draft a Custody Agreement?


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In drafting a custody agreement, both parties involved should outline legal and physical custody, financial obligations, visitation schedules and transportation arrangements, according to About.com. Agreements that are not clear and concise may be altered by the court.

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The names of the parents or legal guardians are typically notated at the top of the custody agreement or parenting plan, followed by the name, date of birth and present address of the child or children involved, according to the Idaho Third Judicial District Court. Specific guidelines regarding decisions about education, religion and medical care should be specified and agreed upon in the parenting plan. Financial support must also be included in the agreement as agreed upon by both parents or stipulated by the courts.

Child custody agreements should be drafted with specific language to avoid any uncertainty, according to About.com. The specific days and times when custody is transferred should be included, as well as instructions for how custody is upheld during school vacations or changes in the schedule. Child custody agreements should also include provisions that parents that need to adjust or make changes to the schedule must provide 24 hours notice and obtain approval from the other parent.

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