What Are Some Domestic Partnership Forms?


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Domestic partnership forms include ones specific to a state, such as the Affidavit of Domestic Partnership for registering for a domestic partnership in New Jersey, as stated on the Township of East Brunswick website. Successful registration results in a Certificate of Domestic Partnership, which is legal proof of registration.

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FindLaw states that a domestic partnership is not the same as a marriage, but can provide some of the same benefits, such as family health insurance policy eligibility, right to family leave for a sick partner, right to bereavement leave, and visitation rights in hospitals and jails.

When assessing benefits for families, employers may require documentation of domestic partnership, explains the Human Rights Campaign. Employers should recognize any legal proof of the relationship, but they may also create domestic partnership affidavits. Employer-created affidavits usually require proof that the individuals are adults, not related, live together, are mutually responsible for each other and not currently in a domestic partnership, civil union or marriage.

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