What Are DoDAAC Codes?


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Department of Defense Activity Address Codes are codes that uniquely identify Department of Defense units, activities or organizations with the authority to receive, issue, request, ship or contract for materials and services. The U.S. Federal Government uses DoDAAC codes to maintain efficient contracting, financial and auditing records.

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As of 2015, The Defense Logistics Management Standards Office reports that more than 300,000 individual DoDAAC codes are used in about 5 billion individual transactions every year. The U.S. Department of Defense categorizes DoDAAC codes by their series, assignment and issuing source; one example of code category is the major command category, abbreviated as MAJCOM codes.

The U.S. Federal Government assesses DoDAAC requisition codes to entities that it authorizes to initiate a request for the purchase of goods and services without restriction. Entities with a DoDAAC Ship-To-Only code may not initiate requisition or billing requests. Similarly, entities with a finance code are not authorized to make requests or act as a shipping destination for goods. The U.S. Federal Government assesses unique Do-Not-Ship-To DoDAAC codes for entities that are not authorized to receive items, goods or services. The government assesses special codes for entities empowered to make administrative requests and requests that do not incur any costs.

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