How Does a Divorcee Revert Back to a Maiden Name?


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Different states in the United States may have various procedures for reverting a name back to a maiden name. The first step involves filling out a name change form specific to the state in which the divorce is finalized; however a name can be changed without or before completing the divorce. The name change form can be found online or at the County Clerk's Office.

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Once the form is attained, the person wishing to change her name should fill out the needed information, including the case number for the dissolution and the date that the dissolution was filed. There may be a small fee associated with submitting the form to the County Clerk's Office.

Once the submitted form is approved, the form can be taken to the department of motor vehicles to attain a new driver's license with the maiden name. Once this is accomplished, the new driver's license identification can be used to change the name on bank accounts, credit card accounts, Social Security account and other entities, such as employer information on file.

The married name can be changed to a maiden name soon after a divorce or much later. There is no deadline for reverting back to a maiden name. Depending on which state the divorce is issued in, a name change can be accomplished even before the divorce is finalized.

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