How Do You Get a Divorce in Jamaica?


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In Jamaica, you can only get a divorce by a court hearing. All the divorce proceedings in the country’s jurisdiction must abide by the Matrimonial Causes Act, or The Act. Essentially, any marriage dissolution is a judicial matter and can only be lawfully obtained by court order, explains The Jamaica Star.

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The Supreme Court of Judicature deals with all divorce cases in the nation, stresses The Jamaica Star. To petition any divorce, one must have stayed in the marriage for not less than two years and separated for a continuous time span of at least 12 months. Only then can either party commence the process with the assurance that the marriage is dissolved irretrievably, emphasizes Jamaica Gleaner. Those restrictions imply that no divorce should indicate that the marriage deterioration is caused by just one party. However, the court has the freedom to investigate if the parties can consider reconciling or if they have faced any counselling. If the 12-month period was interrupted, the court gives room for a three-month cohabitation during the separation, especially if it was meant to reconcile the parties. To qualify for a divorce in this country, one must be domiciled in the country at the commencement of the process, a resident of Jamaica and has lived there 12 months prior to the proceedings, and a Jamaican citizen, emphasizes Jamaica Gleaner.

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