What Is Divorce 101?


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A number of websites, including Divorce.com, offer basic information about divorce titled Divorce 101, providing tips and advice that might help people who are considering divorce to navigate the entire process more effectively. The "Divorce 101" title derives from the college-level course numbering system, whereby a 101-level class is the introductory course in any given subject.

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In a Huffington Post article, "Divorce 101: How to Win Your Divorce," Janis Spindel provides some thought-provoking advice on how individuals can handle their divorces with grace and move on. She emphasizes the importance of space between recently divorced partners, and encourages divorcées to move out of their comfort zone and meet new people.

Guidelines presented in Divorce.com's Divorce 101 section include the meanings of important words associated with the divorce procedure, such as alimony, marital settlement, agreement, prenuptial agreements and abandonment. Sometimes a divorce coach can help a divorcing person with mental and emotional issues surrounding divorce litigation. A crash course in divorce litigation also can reveal more about how to go about the division of the marital home and goods, custody of children and other intricacies that might seem too overwhelming during this period of intense emotional and psychological turmoil, Divorce.com suggests.

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