How Do You Find Your District Court Dates?


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Court calendars can usually be found on district courthouse websites. A listing of these websites and the addresses of district courthouses are located at the United States Courts website.

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Every district court lists its calendar information differently. The best way to find a district court date is to find the website for the district courthouse where the trial is scheduled to take place and look for the court calendar. Court schedules are often listed by date, as they are on the Alaskan district courts' websites, for example, or by the judge presiding over the trial, which is the case for district courts in eastern New York state. Many district court websites, such as the Washington or North Carolina district courts' websites, will also provide an online form that only requires a name or case number in order to acquire a court date. If you do not know the date of the trial or the judge presiding over it, you may want to submit a query through the local district courthouse's website using your name or case number. If you are unable to locate your district court date by these means, call or visit the local district court and speak with court staff in order to determine when your district court date is, as advised by the New York Unified Court System.

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