How Do You Dispute a Ticket for a Traffic Violation?


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In order to dispute a ticket for a traffic violation, an individual can represent himself or herself or hire an attorney to represent them, at least two court dates must be attended and possibly a jury trial where facts are presented to a jury and a judge. There is no guarantee that after the court proceedings that the ticket charges will be dropped, so the individual may still face the same charges, fines and penalties, as well as court and legal fees after contesting the ticket, as noted by DMV.org.

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How Do You Dispute a Ticket for a Traffic Violation?
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Traffic violations can involve high fines, increased insurance rates, driving record points and license suspensions. Disputing the ticket for a traffic violation offers the potential for having all charges dropped and the driving record cleared of any mention of the offense.

In some cases a plea bargain agreement can be made before going in front of the judge with the prosecuting attorney to reduce the charges, therefore reducing any penalties or fines.

Disputing a traffic ticket can be time consuming and if the individual decides to self-represent, he or she must gather and organize documents and other information to support their claim, such as witnesses, pictures and police reports.

Before deciding to dispute a traffic violation ticket, it is necessary to weigh out the pros and the cons of the outcome.

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