What Is a Discrimination Lawyer?


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A discrimination lawyer works on cases involving the intentional and unlawful treatment of someone based on certain characteristics that are protected by federal law, LawyersandSettlement.com says. Discrimination law helps prevent the unfair treatment of someone based on age, gender and disability.

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When a person or group of people treats someone differently based on certain characteristics, such as national origin, skin color and age, it's called discrimination, Lawyers.com explains. There are a number of federal laws in place to help protect those subjected to discrimination in a variety of settings, such as housing and employment. There are also local and state laws in place to reinforce the federal law and protect other instances of discrimination not covered under the federal law.

If a person feels as if he's been discriminated against, he can confer with a discrimination lawyer, Lawyers.com says. In order to be successful in a discrimination lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove the defendant acted with a certain legal motivation, such as discriminating against someone because of his sexual orientation or national origin. A person can have a strong discrimination case when there is an ample amount of circumstantial evidence, the Law Office of Kevin Schwin explains. Circumstantial evidence is when a group of employees engages in a similar activity but not all individuals are equally reprimanded for their conduct.

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