How Do You Find Disciplinary Action Against Doctors?


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To determine whether disciplinary action has been taken against a doctor, check with the state medical board of the state that the doctor is licensed in, reports ABC News. Many state licensing boards have websites, but you can also contact the board directly.

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Choosing a doctor is an important decision, and it is important to know whether or not your potential doctor has had any complaints or lawsuits filed against him, according to Nolo. In addition to contacting the state medical board, which should maintain a record of any formal disciplinary proceedings, you can also look at court records to determine whether a doctor has been sued for medical malpractice. Most court records can be found online, but you can also go to the courthouse and pay for a copy of the record. However, disgruntled patients often falsely sue doctors when they are unsatisfied with the doctor's care or advice. Don't assume that just because a doctor has been sued, he is a bad doctor or has committed malpractice.

Aside from formal disciplinary proceedings and legal action, organizations such as the National Committee for Quality Assurance rate doctors according to the quality of the care they provide. If the NCQA has rated a doctor that you are considering, you should see a grade next to that doctor's name on the NCQA's website, according to Nolo.

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