How Do I Disassemble a Winchester Model 100?


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Disassemble a Winchester model 100 by removing the gun's magazine and emptying out the gun. Then, remove several screws and bolts in the gun, followed by the inner and outer recoil springs and the guide rod. Finally, unscrew the gas piston nut, along with the bolt from the carrier rails and the firing pin.

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The entire gun must be emptied before disassembly begins. This entails removing the magazine and looking into the gun to ensure that it is properly empty.

Remove the screw that holds the front sling swivel in place, followed by the screw behind the trigger guard. Remove the inner and outer recoil springs and the guide rod.

Remove the retainer ring that holds the gas piston nut in place, allowing it to be unscrewed. Once the gas piston nut is off, pull the gas tube and piston downward and then pull the tube forward and off the gun. This allows access to the rest of the tube and carrier assembly. Finally, remove the bolt from the carrier rails, and pull the firing pin out of the back of the bolt, followed by the firing pin spring. Jim Green of Downeast Gun Works recommends removing no other parts without the aid of a professional.

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