What Are the Disadvantages of Communism?

disadvantages-communism Credit: Marc Trigalou/Getty Images

On the face of it, communism seems to be a very attractive means of government, since it theoretically ensures that every member of society is treated in the same, fair manner. However, the reason why many countries have not adopted it is due to the fact that it is associated with a number of disadvantages including the fact that it stifles creativity.

In most communist states, there is little motivation to be creative, since most companies and other entities are not allowed to do many things that would otherwise contribute to innovation. This is because in such a government system, the authority in the country has the right to dictate issues such as how much of a certain product is produced, and how this is done. This limits any input from other sources. In addition to that, the fact that each employee is paid the same in such a system means that there is very little room for competition. This is also responsible for the reduction in the rates of innovation in such a system. Lastly, in any communist system, the government essentially owns all the businesses in the country, and this also plays a role in reducing creativity in such an environment.