What Are Some Disabled Veteran Benefits?


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Benefits for veterans with disabilities include service-connected disability compensation, United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) pension, concurrent retirement and disability payments, combat-related special compensation, VA health care and VA nursing home care. The basic eligibility requirements for these benefits are that recipients must have been on active service and received a discharge on honorable conditions. There are more specific eligibility requirements for certain benefits programs.

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In order for a veteran to qualify for benefits, he must meet certain criteria, including being on active service when he became disabled or receiving a discharge under conditions other than dishonorable, says Nolo. Veterans are not eligible for any disability compensation for a disability caused by the veteran's own willful misconduct.

Service-connected disability compensation is paid monthly to eligible disabled veterans. For specific disabilities that severely impact the veteran's everyday life, special monthly compensation is available. This is a tax-free monthly payment made to veterans who have suffered disabilities such as the loss of a hand or leg due to their military service.

The VA pension is another monthly payment. It is available for veterans with total or permanent disabilities, or else who are age 65 or older. To be eligible, veterans much have low income and assets and have served at least 1 day of service during war and 90 days of service overall.

Combat-related special compensation is paid to veterans who have either retired after at least 20 years of service or have retired for medical reasons. Other eligibility requirements are a combat-related service-connected disability of a severity rating of at least 10 percent.

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