What Disability Test Is Used for Workers' Compensation Claims?


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To determine when and if an employee is ready to return to work after an injury, a physician provides a Functional Capacity Evaluation after administering various tests that determine the employee's abilities and limitations. A physician can administer two types of FCEs: The General Purpose FCE and Job Specific FCE.

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The Job Specific FCE is used to determine specific limitations associated with a specific job, while the General Purpose FCE determines general restrictions regarding the functional capacity of the employee for any jobs that may become available in the future.

Before conducting either evaluation, the physician reviews the employee's medical history to determine what job demands the employee can meet. While administering the test, the physician tests the employee's ability to perform different movements, as well as the employee's different skills and limitations. At the end of the test, the physician assesses the results and makes a determination based on the results of the test.

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