Is Disability Living Allowance Taxable?


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Disability Living Allowance is not taxable. The United Kingdom gives this allowance to those who need extra help with movement and daily routines due to a physical or mental disability. This disability must prevent those receiving it from working or being able to take care of daily tasks on their own.

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Some of the approved tasks include bathing, grocery shopping, cooking and housekeeping. The Disability Living Allowance provides payment to professionals who come into the home to help with such daily or weekly tasks.

There are no physical examinations or mental evaluations required when a person claims this benefit. The person making the claim must be under the age of 65. Those older than that may apply for other allowances.

In order to be eligible for the Disability Living Allowance, a person must need help with daily care. He must have been using this sort of help for three months before applying. During that period, he must pay for the help himself. However, to get approval the government requires that the help is needed for at least six more months.

The amount of aid received depends on the severity of the disability. Those who need help walking or have severe disabilities such as blindness obtain a bigger allowance.

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