How Do You Find a Directory of Representatives by State?

How Do You Find a Directory of Representatives by State? provides a directory of representatives that users can search by state and district or by last name. The site also lists the states in alphabetical order, making it easier to search states by name.

To find the directory of representatives by state, visit and click Representatives on the top menu. The directory includes the names, districts, political party, committee assignment and contact information for the representatives of each state.

The state's population determines the number of each representative in each state. Fifty-three representatives represent California, the most populous state in the country as of 2015. Alaska, Delaware, Vermont, South Dakota have only one representative each. Each representative represents a state or a district within his state in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The number of representatives in the United States is 435. This number does not change even if the population of the country increases. Every year, the U.S. Census documents the population and uses the data to determine the number of representatives for each state. If a certain state's population increases, the state may gain an additional representative, while some of the other states may lose representatives to keep the total number of House members fixed at 435.